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'Exrel' inverter is designed for trouble-free and reliable operation. The In-house R&D facility makes it unique in its class. The inverter having very small footprint with rugged design. The fast changeover version for computer load is also available. You can even operate motor-loads with 'Exrel' inverter. Its regulated charger ensures long battery life by its efficient charging which saves electricity and charges the battery even in fluctuating power conditions.


Features :
User selectable for accepting wider input voltage 
Full automatic and silent operation
Rack Tower design
High Frequency
Off mode charging
Available in five AC outlet configurations: NEMA, Schuko, French, India, and BS1363
Compact size for convenient use and storage
Built-in 8Amp super charger for up to 100Ah battery
Small scale and cost effective inverter for home appliances and office equipment
Two - steps intelligent charging control to recharging time