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'Exrel' Digital Shock guard is microcontroller based device, its superior digital technology makes it the latest and versatile in the market. The microcontroller in 'Exrelups' Digital Shock guard works just like a microcomputer which performs 10,00,000 (One Million) operation in a second in relation to its protective functions.


 Microcontroller based latest digital technology

 User's programmable and Online display facility

   for showing Voltage Ampere, Leakage    position/condition.

 Digital Audio-Visual indications

 Protect even when Neutral fails

 Prevents damage in High and Low Voltage    conditions

 On delay Facility for protecting precious    Equipment

 Bypass mode with 'Auto normal Facility'

 'Auto-restart' Action after tripping touch Test

 One/Button Facility for checking anytime the    function of shockguard