High Frequency Online UPS (HFX)
Item Model C1K/C1KS C2K/C2KS C3K/C3KS C6K/C6KS C10K/C10KS
Capacity VA / Watts 1KVA / 0.7KW 2KVA / 1.4KW 3KVA / 2.1KW 6KVA / 4.2KW 10KVA / 7KW
Input Normal Voltage 220VAC
Voltage range     a) (120 ~ 300) VAC when Load<50% 176-276V
    b) (140 ~ 300) VAC when 50%-Load<70%
    c) (160 ~ 300) VAC when Load >70%
Frequency range 40-60Hz(adjustable) 40.5-55Hz
Power factor 0.95 0.97 0.97 >0.9(full load)
Output Voltage Range 220VAC+-2% 220VAC+-1%
Frequency Range 50Hz+-0.5% (Battery mode)
Wave form Pure Sine Wave
Transfer Between AC Mode and Battery Mode 0 ms
Transfer Between AC Mode and Bypass Mode Transfer time: 4ms (typical 2.5ms) <1ms
Distortion (Full Load) Linear load 3% 4% 4% < 3%
Degree of distortion (Full Load) Nonlinear load 6% 7% 7% < 5%
Overload capacity >110% 30s turn to bypass mode; >150%, 200ms turn to bypass 105 ~ 130% for 10m; 130% lasting for 1m
Load peak ratio >1 :3
Battery Type Maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) battery
Battery voltage 36VDC 96VDC 96VDC 240VDC 240VDC
Battery Number (standard type ) 3*12V*7AH 8*12V*7AH 8*12V*7AH 20*12V*7AH 40*12V*7AH
Backup time (Full load) 6Mins 9.5Mins 7.5Mins 8Mins 8Mins
Backup time (Half load) 14Mins 21Mins 17.5Mins 24Mins 20Mins
Recharge Time 90%capacity after 8 hrs charging
Display LED   Load level / Battery level / Battery mode / Line mode / Inverter , Bypass ,Over load , Fault
Audible Alarm Battery Mode   Beeping every 4 seconds (re-settable) and every second when battery low
Overload   Beeping twice every second
Fault   Beeping Continuously
Communications RS-232 Interface   With monitoring software
Working Environment Surge Protection   RJ-45 I/O port available for network or Fax/Modem
Working Temperature   0 to 40
Humidity   0-95% non-condensing
Dimension WxDxH (mm) 145*405*220 195*455*330 260*570*715
Weight Net weight (Kg) 13/7.5 32/15 33/16 84/37 93/38
Marking C*K --- Standard Type, C*KS---- Long Time Type